Register and get 5 to 10% of the order value to your bonus account

The bonus percentage depends on the total amount of completed orders

от uah1,000
от uah3,000
от uah5,000
от uah7,000
от uah10,000
от uah15,000

Bonuses tied to your phone number

1 bonus equal
Bonuses valid
4 months from last shipping order
Bonuses may be paid
до 100% of the order

How to start using?

Do you want to receive bonuses? Just inform the operator about it.

In order to pay for online orders with bonuses, you need to enter your personal account. You can also find out the status of the bonus account in your personal account. To access your personal account, you need to go through a simple registration on our website.


Bonus system rules

You begin get bonuses after the amount of previous orders exceeds 1000 UAH. The bonus account is assigned to the phone number, that you use for making orders. When ordering from a different number, ask a call-center operator to credit bonuses to the account that is attached to your main number. You should use as login your main number - if you want to pay order by bonuses

Bonuses are not awarded for orders from Glovo, Rocket and Bolt. Bonuses are not awarded for orders of drinks and gift certificates; for orders with any discount. Orders which contain alcoholic beverages cannot be paid using bonuses.

You can find out about the current status of the bonus account and the percentage of bonuses from our operators, in your personal account, or Viber. The percentage of accrued bonuses and the terms of the bonus program may change, check details st 2200

Bonuses can be assigned to another phone number. Tell this operator, when placing an order, send e-mail to You can use our chat on the website or call 2200.